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MONDAY - FRIDAY        8:00am - 6:00pm

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In today's busy world you don't time to waste, so why wait for your vehicle to break down. schedule an appointment at Ten Point Staten Island today and make sure your vehicle is taken care of. Starting from routine oil changes to brake inspection, air conditioning system and so much more, let the highly skilled technicians of Ten Point auto shop make sure that you won't encounter any bumps in the road.

NEW york state


New York state authorities require inspection and various tests to determine if the vehicle meets safety and/or emission standards. Ten Point technicians expertly perform state vehicle inspection and/or emissions testing.

For your convenience we have set aside hours for state inspections :

Monday - Friday 8 am - 10 am

                             4 pm - 5  pm

Sunday                9 am - 10 am

                             3 pm - 4  pm





An odd light suddenly shines on your display? The car makes a funny noise? Or did you get into a little "fender bender" ? NO PROBLEM. Just come over to Ten Point Auto Service and we'll make sure that you will continue with your day as usual in no time. Let our professional team of mechanics take the load off your back.

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